Autonomous Systems Laboratory @ Sampoerna University

ASL is a laboratory under the CPS research group focusing on autonomous systems. The laboratory hosts research works on control system theory, visual servoing, source localization using micro quadcopter, and autonomous vehicles.

ASL is located at IoT Lab

On the left is the new PIC (Djati) and on the right is the former PIC (Fikri). We took a picture with some of the robots in the lab.

Face Tracking with DJI Tello

We use commercial drone to experiment on face tracking. We use Linear SVM in MATLAB to perform classification. The drone can then recognize the target face and track-follow the target by changing its orientation. The work can be seen here:

Autonomous Towing Vehicle

We are working on ground autonomous vehicle used in warehouse. We mainly use SLAM technology combined with path planning and obstacle avoidance.