Faculty Staffs

Ir. Djati Wibowo Djamari, Ph.D

1st PIC of IoT Lab

Head of Integrated Vehicle Research and Design Center (IVRDC@SU)

Head of Autonomous Systems Laboratory (ASL@SU)

Mechanical Engineering Lecturer

Research interest: Robotics, Multi-Agent Systems, Vibration Control, Vehicle Dynamics, Rocket Propulsion and Navigation

Rafie Djajasoepena, M.Kom

2nd PIC of IoT Lab

Information Systems Lecturer

Research interest: IoT and enterprise systems

Ilham Prasetyo, Ph.D

Faculty of Arts and Science

Lab Physics PIC

Research Interest: Astrophysics; General Relativity; Topological Defects; Neutron Stars; Quark Stars; Skyrme model; Modified Gravity; Non-abelian Magnetic Monopole. 

Dr. Christianus I Wayan Eka Budiartha

Faculty of Education

Research interest: 

Machine Learning in Semantic and Lexicology

Ariana Tulus Purnomo, Ph.D

Information Systems

Research Interest: FMCW radar, signal processing, and machine learning 

Rachmat Arsyadi, M.Ds

Visual Communication Design

Research Interest: Graphic Design, Human-Centered Design, User Experience Design

Idrus Husin Belfaqih. M.Sc

Former Physics PIC

Fundamental Engineering Lecturer

Research interest: 

Black holes thermodynamics, Quantum gravity phenomenology

Currently pursuing a Ph.D at Edinburgh University, UK

Muhamad Rausyan Fikri, M.Eng

Former IoT Lab Coordinator

Information Systems Lecture

Research interest: Robotics, Motion Planning, IoT, Multi-agents, Machine Learning

Currently pursuing a Ph.D at Tampere University, Finland


Adhiguna Mahendra, Ph.D 

Research Interest: Computer Vision and Machine Learning, 

Expertise: Computer Vision, Deep Learning, AI product Management

Role: Instructor of Deep Learning for Computer Vision course for undergraduate students.

Sidharth Sood

Erasmus Mundus Scholar -Masters in Computer Vision & Robotics

Expertise: Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Robotics, AI product development consultancy and Setting up AI labs focused on Robotics and Computer Vision.

Role: Instructor of Deep Learning for Autonomous Vehicles course for undergraduate students.

Ammar M. Aamer, Ph.D

Northeastern University

Research interest: 

Project Management Supply Chain, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma Quality Management


Ir. Djamari

Associate Technological advisor 

Research Interest: 

Rocket and Propulsion system

Visiting Scholar


Research Topic

Path Planning for Ground Vehicle


Fitri Endrasari

Research Assistant & Bussiness Development

Tiara Kusuma Dewi

IoT Lab Engineer: SportScience

Wahyu Nur Budiarta

Junior Engineer: SportScience

Sinta Widianingrum

Research Assistant: SportScience

Active Student MEMBERS

Amartya Natayu

Research Topic: Developing Pick and Place Delta Machine (Mechanical Design)

Ady Syamsuri

Research Topic: Developing Pick and Place Delta Machine (Machine Learning)

Emilia Loho

Research Topic: Developing Pick and Place Delta Machine (Machine Learning)

Fahriza Fadhila 

Research Topic: Humanoid Robot
(Mechanical Design)

Annisa Nurcahyati 

Research Topic: Humanoid Robot
(Control System)

Janice Ong

Research Topic: Humanoid Robot
(Control System)

Nathan Wijaya

Research Topic:
Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine

Fadzar Ainurizky

Research Topic: Automatic Width Measurement
(Software Development)

Haikal Satrya Utama

Research Topic:
Autonomous Drone and Toroidal Propeller


Virginia Angel

SportScience: Data Modelling

Juan Sebastian Gultom

SportScience: Web Development

Alumni Student MEMBERS

Muzakki Afandi

Research Topic:
Vehicle Few Shot Learning

Dwi Artha Pambudi Alif Sutrisno

Research Topic: Autonomous Forklift Vehicle

Merico Edward Ricardo

Research Engineer: Autonomous Towing Vehicle

Vania Katherine Mulia

Research Engineer: Autonomous Towing Vehicle 

Hose Orlando

Research Topic: Food Quality Examiner

Sri Nararia Anggita Damayanti

Research Topics: Machine Learning in Farmbot