Motivation: The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us that the necessity of autonomous robots in helping humans to do disinfection tasks is essential. The technology can help reduce the transmission of the virus, where the disinfection robot can guarantee the safety of disinfection with high precision compared to human performance.

Goal: Create disinfection robots from the design and the algorithm to ensure high performance and reliability of using autonomous disinfection robots guaranteed the safety factor.

Open Topics: Disinfection Robot with Mapping and Localization using SLAM, VSLAM, and sensor fusion. Multi-agent-based disinfection robots, task-scheduling.

Figure 1. UV Disinfection Mobile Robot

Adven Simarmata

Tiara Kusuma Dewi

Glenn Hanaya

This project is conducted by three students, Adven Simarmata, Tiara Kusuma Dewi, and Glenn Hanaya Sitompul

Adven Simarmata and Tiara have the same goal to develop the obstacle avoidance algorithm for the autonomous UV robot. Where Fuzzy Logic based control and CNN Algorithms are employed in their research.

In Glenn's research, he has the responsibility to develop the algorithm for autonomous task scheduling

The development of the UVC disinfection robot's algorithm using CNN (submitted to ICRA 2022)

Figure 2. Early stage of UV robot development

In the early development, Tiara and Adven Simarmata have successfully created the design for the robot which can be seen in figure 2


This video is the video for ICRA 2022 submission.
We show the research entirely here

The development of UVC disinfection robot's algorithm using Fuzzy inference (AASEC 2021)

avoiding obstacle at the front.mp4
avoiding obstacle at the left.mp4
avoiding obstacle at the right.mp4
avoiding wall.mp4